Christian Parents Advisory League. Meets monthly at the Elementary School (Grange Campus).

Market Day

A fundraising food cooperative, providing opportunities to raise money for schools by selling food products. Contact the leader if you want to be involved and/or place an order to help support our Schools.

Middle School Coach Volunteers

Get involved in middle school athletics.

School Auction Committee

Help organize the school auction to raise money for our schools. Donating or helping to gather donations is a great way to participate.

GRACE Christian Homeschool

Growing Relationships and Christian Education, exists for the purpose of supporting, encouraging and equipping families in the performance of their God-given responsibilities to train and educate their children in the instruction of the Lord. GRACE seeks to unite members for the following purposes: 1. offering enriching educational activities 2. providing moral support and resources to help members be successful in homeschooling 3. to provide wholesome fellowship opportunities with like-minded homeschooling families. 4. to provide information regarding legal and social issues affecting homeschooling families. 

Summer Recreation Summer Camp Program

Summer Rec (Students Entering K5-6th Grades) is designed for students to nurture faith and friendships through the motto “With God, I Can.” This motto sometimes quietly and other times delightfully loud encompasses students through their Summer Rec adventures each year. Our weeks are filled with carefully disguised education, workshops, field trips, sports, swimming, outdoor activities and crafts to help integrate this motto into everyday practice.