2013 Fall Spiritual Fitness Slide for Sanctuary

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Small Group Bible Study Program 

Men gather for a weekly group discussion class where they experience small group sharing, accountability, and prayer.

Beginning The Race 

Low Intensity for 6 Weeks – Thursdays from 7-9 pm; 10/03 to 11/07

With Bob Algrin robert.algrin@att.net

Book required: Beginning the Race

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The No Regrets Study Series is a small group bible study program for men. Offer men a dynamic growth experience that equips them to be strong, effective Christian leaders at home, on the job, in the workplace and out in the community. Focus is on learning and then applying what it means to be a fully-devoted follower of Jesus. This disciple-making program is designed to model, teach and encourage practical application of biblical principles that build a solid foundation for living life for Christ.

Any serious minded man wants to live like a champion and make a difference in the world they live in. When they die, they want to have left their mark in the world, left some type of legacy, some type of lasting impression on their family, church, workplace and world. This is a given, the real question is how do we become a Champion in Life? How do we become the man we want to become and the man God wants us to be?This 6-week bible study is going to walk you through I Corinthians 9:24-27. In it, you will discover God’s game plan for our lives and His training program to help us get there. You will discover what it means to live with a sense of purpose and to impact the world you live in.Beginning the Race is the perfect Bible study for guys who have never experienced one before. With just 6 weekly lessons and some limited homework, this is the perfect study to get men ready for theNo Regrets Study Series. There are NO COSTS for materials in Beginning The Race.  Free Audio/Video messages are available in our online resource section at no cost.  Participants will receive a password for message access with purchase of their first book. The messages are also available for purchase on CD/DVD.

Register by Email click here: robert.algrin@att.net